Michel TESSON, born in 1944, obtained a PhD of Sciences of Environment and Oceanography at the Bordeaux University. He was first a civil engeneer in French Ministry of Environment in La Rochelle in charge of coastal studies and management. He moved later to Morocco (1973-1980) where he integrated the French Ministry of Universities. Back to France, he was ""Maitre de Conference" (1980-2001) then "Professeur" (2001-2012) teaching Petrology, Stratigraphy, Sedimentary Hydrodynamic and Geophysics at the Perpignan University. He was “Emerite” Professor (36 and 37 sections, Geophysic) during 2012 to 2015 and finally retired. Its main domains of interest are: coastal sediment dynamic, sedimentary paleo-environments, sequence stratigraphy, high-resolution seismic. He was chief of up to 40 cruises onboard of French INSU/CNRS and Ifremer research vessels. He participated and managed several academic and applied research programs from France and CEE, on Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of France, Morocco, Spain and Italy, on Kerguelen-Heard ridge, recifal atolls of La Réunion and Red Sea. He is reviewer for « Marine Geology », « Sedimentology », « Continental Shelf Research », « Terra Nova » et « G-Cubed » and published more than 37 scientific papers in international journals. He is the GDARGO President.                                                                                                            Bernard GENSOUS, born in 1948, studied and graduated  in geology at the University of Bordeaux specializing in the sedimentology and hydrodynamics of north Atlantic shelves (bay of Biscay, Morocco). It  filled various positions in south America (Colombia) and North Africa (Algeria , Morocco) within scientific cooperation. From 1980 to 2013 he was « Maître de Conferances at the University of Perpignan. Fields of research deal  with the stratigraphy and sedimentology of quaternary deposits of the margins and coastal areas of the Mediterranean sea (Gulf of Lion, Alboran sea) and North Atlantic. He ocassionnaly worked on Carbonate reef (Red sea, Reunion island), and lacustrine (ethiopian rift) environments. He participated or lead  many oceanograhic campains within national and european programs (GDR margin, Eurodelas) or contracts (BRGM, CNRS, IFREMER, IFP, TOTAL). He published  and is reviewer for various internationals reviews. He is founding member and treasurer of the GDARGO association. He retired from University in September 2013.                                                                                                                                                                                             Yann MEAR is senior lecturer at the Cnam/Intechmer of Cherbourg and scientific director of the Geocano group.  He studied at the University of Nice and graduated at the University of Perpignan. He is the founder of  the well known « bachelor océanographe prospector » french Cnam diploma. Fields of research initially deal with processing of seismic data and geostatistical analysis of sedimentological data. More recently research interest focused on sedimentary processes at different time/space and scales. (from particle to sedimentary bodies), and interactions with biologic domain. He is engaged in a great number of research programs and actively publish in international reviews. He is founding member and secretary of the GDARGO association.